Joy of Worship Ministries



Thank your for visiting the Joy of Worship Ministries Web Site. We are delighted you were led by the Holy Spirit to stop by. We pray you will leave reminded that the joy of the Lord is your strength!

The Joy of Worship Ministries has been appointed by God to impact lives by emphasizing Worship, Witness, and Work.


Worship of the Lord Jesus (whether formal or informal) is an exciting life-changing experience!!!


The simple act of telling someone what Christ has done in their lives is a powerful witness. We encourage all to tell the world about Him!!!


There is much work for all believers to do until the Lord returns. We must be about our father's business!!!

Joy of Worship Ministries
Rev. Joseph A. Holmes, Pastor
15711 Alameda Drive
Bowie, Maryland 20716

240-481-3426 301-249-2366